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The HTML5 Web Camps come to NYC and Waltham, Mass!

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Join Chris Bowen and me at the HTML5 Web Camp to hear all about the next wave of web standards including HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and more!



  • June 13, 9 AM – 5 PM
    Microsoft, 201 Jones Road
    Waltham, MA
  • June 15, 9 AM – 5 PM
    Microsoft, 1290 Ave of the Americas
    New York, NY
    Registration SOLD OUT

We’ll introduce you to the latest trends in HTML5 for web application development and show you how to get started today.


HTML5 Web Camp features a full day of content on HTML5 and related topics, including:


·         HTML5 Semantic Markup

·         HTML5 Audio and Video

·         HTML5 Canvas

·         HTML5 Geolocation

·         Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 (CSS3)

·         Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

·         ECMAScript5

·         Internet Explorer 9

o   Standards Support

o   Site Pinning

o   Hardware Acceleration

·         Present and future of web standards

o   A look at the IE10 Platform Preview

o   Emerging standards (e.g. WebSockets, IndexedDB, etc.)

·         Developer options and tools

o   IE9 Developer Tools

o   Expression Web 4

o   Visual Studio 2010


Want to get started with these new technologies, but concerned about users using older browsers to access your site?  We’ll show you techniques and libraries to help utilize HTML5 while still offering good experiences for non-modern browsers.


It’s a full day, so register now and we’ll see you at HTML5 Web Camp!